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José Antonio Magdalena

Doctor in Law and Master’s Degree in Legal Consultancy to Businesses

José Antonio Magdalena

Of Counsel

Doctor in Law and Lawyer practising since 1993.

Legal and advisory consultancy to companies (private and public) in Administrative Law (public procurement, regulated sector, transport, expropriations, patrimonial liability, etc.) and related matters of Commercial Law (contracting, regulated sectors and insolvency).

Consultancy services as independent expert to receiverships in insolvency proceedings on Public Law issues, with especial emphasis on matters related to administrative concessions. He is member of the professional association ‘Lexaudit Concursal S.L.P.’ (Barcelona – Madrid) for the conduction of insolvency proceedings, and practises as receiver in insolvency proceedings, pursuant to article 27 of the Insolvency Law.

Expert consultancy in the area of rail transport (regulation, contracting, urban integration, etc.), advising public and private operators.

Academic background.

Doctor in Law by the University of Oviedo, Public Law Department (2000).

Master’s course on Legal Business Consultancy from the Madrid Business Institute (IE), (1993).

He has a Degree in Law by the University of Oviedo (1992).

Publications, Seminars and Presentations


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Seminars and Conferences.

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