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Commercial and civil agreements

Commercial and civil agreements.

We advise on the negotiation and drafting of civil and commercial agreements. We have large experience in:

· Pre-agreements and promises of agreement
· Pledge agreements
· Rural and urban property lease agreements. Sub-lease and transfer of rights. Partnerships.
· Project lease agreements (fixed-price, per unit of measure or management)
· Service lease agreements
· Sales purchase agreements of real property, personal property and livestock
· Swap agreements
· Rights and shares transfer agreements
· Donation agreements
· Option agreements
· Guarantee agreements: bonds, sureties, real property and personal property mortgages, antichresis
· Franchises
· Publishing agreements
· Trading company agreements
· Joint ventures
· Agent commission agreements (and other forms of commercial mandate)
· Agency agreements
· Commercial deposit agreements and bank agreements (current accounts, saving accounts, structured deposits, bank discount agreements, etc…).
· Commercial loan agreements (including security-guaranteed loans) or opening of bank credits
· Documentary credits
· Sales purchase commercial agreements
· Commercial exchange agreements, financial exchange (swaps)
· Leasing agreements
· Factoring
· Confirming
· Insurance agreements
· Supply agreements
· Trademark license agreements