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Urban planning

Planning instruments.

We offer legal advice on general urban planning (PGOU, POI and Sectoring Plans) and development (Partial Plans, Special Plans and Detailed Studies), informing, collaborating and forwarding reports to teams of technical editors, as well as protecting and defending the rights of owners of land and/or buildings throughout the urban development process (initiating the approval of planning instruments, where appropriate, and advising on the public information process).

Urban Planning Agreements.

We advise property developers and land owners on the negotiation and subscription of urban planning agreements concerning the creation or innovation of planning instruments and execution or management planning agreements.

The execution of planning instruments: compensation boards, land readjustment projects and urban planning projects.

We have the experience of having participated in the execution of planning instruments of the more emblematic urbanizations on the Costa del Sol, advising urban planning agents, property owners and building companies.
We advise on initiatives for establishing the action system for compensation, advising on the drafting of the documentation required by law in each case: drafting by-laws and basis for action, preparing the documentation and the reasoning for the justification of financial solvency, detailed order to execute the urbanization (urbanization project, where appropriate), etc…
We advise Compensation Boards on the land readjustment process and the transfer of land derived from the same.

Urban planning measures.

We offer our legal advice on urban planning measures, acting for our clients’ rights in urban planning measures proceedings, filing allegations and administrative and legal remedies.


We advise on urban planning licences for construction and building works, licences of first occupation, licences for special installations, etc…