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Educational Cooperation Framework Agreement signed between “Villalba-Coloma-Ankersmit” and Universidad a Distancia of Madrid (UDIMA)

Educational Cooperation Framework Agreement signed between “Villalba-Coloma-Ankersmit” and Universidad a Distancia of Madrid (UDIMA) for external professional traineeships, curricular and extra-curricular, of UDIMA’s students.


Universidad a Distancia of Madrid (UDIMA) is an officially known private university (Official Gazette of the Community of Madrid, of 28 June 2006, and National Official Gazette of 9 August 2006), which has obtained authorization from the University Council to award Bachelor’s Degrees and University Master’s Degree.

“VILLALBA-COLOMA-ANKERSMIT” is a firm committed to law practice, national and international, where students holding a Bachelor’s Degree by UDIMA may take the professional traineeship according to their educational programme, curricular and extra-curricular, while being in contact with the daily reality of the firm, integrating into a new environment, through the observation and the learning of professional conducts and attitudes.

Both parties have signed an Educational Cooperation Framework Agreement, pursuant to Spanish Royal Decree 592/2014, of 11 July, on external professional traineeships of university students, for the purpose of allowing them to take external professional traineeship, curricular and extra-curricular, according to their curriculum, whilst acquiring professional experience and allowing the firm to acknowledge potential human resources that may improve their competitiveness. For this reason, “VILLALBA-COLOMA-ANKERSMIT” showed interest in collaborating with this programme, providing a space where students could demonstrate their knowledge and skills. These professional traineeships have the purpose of providing a professional experience well-known by the labour market in general.

In any case, the traineeship project will be executed observing the principles of inclusion, equal opportunities, non-discrimination and universal access.

The student will carry out his/her traineeship under the joint supervision of a qualified tutor from “VILLALBA-COLOMA-ANKERSMIT” and a teacher-tutor from UDIMA (academic tutor), who will have access to the practices suggested to the student, the execution and the results of the same. The control of the practice adequacy will correspond to the university academic tutor.

“VILLALBA-COLOMA-ANKERSMIT”, pursuant to the agreements signed with UDIMA in favour of the student, undertakes:

  1. To receive the student and to organize the activities to be developed in accordance with the Educational Project.
  2. To supervise his/her activities, to guide and to control the traineeship, within a relation based on the mutual respect and the compromise with learning.
  3. To inform the student about the organization and the functioning of the firm and the regulations of interest, especially those related to safety and labour risks.
  4. To coordinate with the university academic tutor the development of the activities set forth in the educational cooperation agreement, including all such changes to the traineeship project as may be necessary for the normal development of the same; to communicate and to solve possible problems that may arise during the traineeship; to control permits to take exams.
  5. To issue the final report and, where appropriate, the intermediate report as set forth in article 13 of Royal Decree 592/2014, of 11 July.
  6. To provide the student with the complementary training that may be required for taking the traineeship.
  7. To provide the student with all material resources necessary for the traineeship.
  8. To enable and to encourage the provision of innovation, improvement and undertaking proposals by the student.
  9. To allow to the academic tutor the access to the firm in order to comply with the purposes inherent to his/her position.
  10. To keep confidentiality in relation to any information they may know about the student as a result of being his/her tutor.
  11. To assist the student in the solution of professional matters that may arise over his/her traineeship in the firm.

Once the professional training has concluded, “VILLALBA-COLOMA-ANKERSMIT” will issue a certificate stating the training period and the assigned tutor.

Pursuant to article 13 of Royal Decree 592/2014, of 11 July, the tutor from “VILLALBA-COLOMA-ANKERSMIT” will issue and forward a final report to the academic tutor, upon conclusion of the professional training, stating the number of hours completed by the student and assessing the following aspects related, where appropriate, to the general and specific abilities under the training project:

  1. Technical skills.
  2. Learning skills.
  3. Administration of works.
  4. Oral and written communication skills. In the case of students with oral expression difficulties, the autonomy level for this skill will be stated and whether he/she requires additional technical and/or human resources.
  5. Sense of responsibility.
  6. Capacity to adapt.
  7. Creativity and initiative.
  8. Personal involvement.
  9. Receptivity to criticism.
  10. Relations with his/her labour environment.
  11. Teamwork capacity.
  12. Other aspects deemed appropriate.

The student’s assessment will be made at the end of the training period, taking into consideration the development of the work executed during said training. In the case of the academic tutor, the assessment will depend on the interviews with the student over the traineeship and the activities report issued by the student. The tutor from “VILLALBA-COLOMA-ANKERSMIT” will assess the acquisition of the skills and abilities foreseen in the traineeship content and the specific training programme.

As regards global qualifications:

The assessment by the tutor from “VILLALBA-COLOMA-ANKERSMIT” will be the 60% of the global training assessment.

The assessment by the academic tutor will be the 40% of the global training assessment.

UDIMA and “VILLALBA-COLOMA-ANKERSMIT” allow the publication, by the communication media available to them (website, gazettes, etc.), of the existence of this Agreement, as well as the number and main features of the programmes that may be performed under the same.

“VILLALBA-COLOMA-ANKERSMIT” and UDIMA undertake, as regards the personal data of students taking traineeship, to comply with the regulations on Personal Data Protection currently in force.