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Iberoinvesa Pharma comercializa Scanlux 300 y 370

Iberoinvesa Pharma commercializes Scanlux 300 and 370

Iberoinvesa Pharma, a pharmaceutical company recently created that exclusively distributes the products of Sanochemia Diagnostic, commercializes as from 15 September 2010 Scanlux 300 and 370, a non-ionic radiological contrast agent, the active ingredient of which is Iopamidol, widely known by specialist in radiodiagnostics, with law osmolar contrast for intravenous or intra-arterial use. Its use is aimed at the diagnosis of different pathologies. Scanlux 300 mg/ml injectable solution Generic Specialty Pharma and Scanlux 370 mg/ml injectable solution Generic Specialty Pharma are available in packages of 50, 100 and 200 ml.

Iberoinvesa Pharma is mainly engaged in the diagnostic imaging field and its purpose is to provide specialists in radiodiagnostics with a wide portfolio of high quality products, manufactured in Europe in compliance with the highest quality and safety standards, and present in the main European hospitals.

Iberoinvesa Pharma initiated its commercial activity with a drug that was used in special situations, with secretin as active ingredient, the use of which was indicated in examinations for the diagnosis of different pancreatic pathologies such as the chronic pancreatitis, the tumours of the pancreas, the Zollinger-Ellison syndrome, as well as the analysis of anatomic and normal variants of the pancreas.

Future launching by Iberoinvesa

The future launching by Iberoinvesa includes contrast media based on gadolinium, sodium diatrizoate, meglumine and barium sulphate, among others.

Following its EVERYTHING-TO-BE-DISCOVERED philosophy, the aim of Iberoinvesa Pharma is to provide specialists with the most complete range of radiology contrast – injectable and oral ionics, non-ionic and paramagnetics- and contrasts based on barium sulphate, both for standard examinations and computerized axial tomography.