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Iberoinvesa Pharma alcanza su 3º aniversario

Iberoinvesa Pharma’s 3rd Anniversary

From the commencement of its activity, Iberoinvesa Pharma has had the purpose of providing specialists with the most complete range of radiological contrasts.

Its wide portfolio of products, manufactured in Europe, complies with the highest quality and safety standards in force.

Iberoinvesa Pharma, a pharmaceutical laboratory specialized in the development and marketing of diagnostic imaging contrast media, reached its 3rd anniversary providing novelties to the abdominal diagnosis.

The purpose of this Spanish pharmaceutical company is to provide specialists with the most complete range of radiological products both for conventional radiology, CT, and Magnetic Resonance, manufactured in Europe, by partnership of Sanochemia Pharmazeutika AG (Vienna, Austria), complying with the highest quality and safety standards in force.

Diagnostic imaging includes some techniques aimed at producing images of structures and activities inside the body. The technology used by the doctor will depend on the symptoms and the part of the body to be examined. In this sense, the abdominal radiology is focused on the techniques used for the diagnosis of pathologies in this part of the body. Iberoinvesa’s portfolio presents a wide range of radiological contrasts with this purpose, both for conventional radiological techniques and CT or MR.

The portfolio of products for the Abdominal Diagnosis of Iberoinvesa Pharma includes:

*Barium sulphate for Conventional Radiology.

*Barilux® 830 mg/ml oral or rectal suspension.

*Barilux AD® 327.25 g powder for oral suspension.

*Barium sulphate for Computerized Tomography.

* Barilux® 50mg/ml concentrated for oral or rectal suspension.

*Barilux 7.5 g powder for oral suspension-sachets.

*Ionic contrast media.

*Gastrolux 370 mg/ml oral or rectal solution Generic Pharmaceutical Product.

*Radiopaque marker.

*Colognost 10 capsules.


Next steps

The next steps of Iberoinvesa Pharma will be focused on the development of new drugs within the field of diagnostic imaging, in general, and Abdominal Diagnosis, in particular. The Spanish pharmaceutical industry, formed by a group of professionals with large experience in that field and mainly in radiological contrasts, intends to continue its specialization in this area.

Its products, created to meet the requirements of both professionals and patients, will continue to adapt to its three main principles: Innovation, Quality and Service. Its quality strategy is based on its commitment to identify, offer and develop new products for those medical areas where Iberoinvesa operates.